The McCartneys Photography Graduation Card Order Form

There are 50 5x7" flat cards with envelopes per set.

   50 cards = $150 (+sales tax + s/h) = $168.25 total

   100 cards = $280 (+sales tax + s/h) = $305.40 total

   150 cards = $420 (+sales tax + s/h) = $453.10 total

   200 cards = $560 (+sales tax + s/h) = $600.80 total

I give The McCartneys Photography permission to charge the stated credit card with the total amount ordered PLUS 5.5% sales tax and $10 direct shipping fee. I also understand that ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL due to the custom nature of this product. I must complete my order form by May 10, 2017 to receive my custom cards before graduation. *
Client Name *
Client Name
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Credit/Debit Card Type
Name on Card
Name on Card
All types of credit/debit are accepted.
1. The name/address of the party venue 2. The date and time of the graduation party 3. RSVP phone number/email 4. Any quotes, special wording, etc
1. Name of the graduation venue 2. The location (address or city) 3. The date + time of the graduation ceremony 4. RSVP phone number/email 5. Any quotes, special wording, etc
Don't forget to include ALL information and if you'd like it on the FRONT OR BACK of your card.
Available in amounts of 50 5x7" flat cards per set with matching white envelopes.
Ex: #29, #32, #05
Ex: #29, #32, #05
Be sure to specify what you LIKE about your card choice and what you would like to see be CHANGED. If you'd like us to match the design colors to your image's outfit, please specify here. If you'd like us to match school colors, please let us know what school. Remember that we can change the designs to what you want! So please specify all of your custom changes here :)