Playing with Paint with Ally :) / by Kelsy & Butch McCartney

You might recognize this lovely girl who is our Senior Rep for Wausau West's Class of 2017 - see her rep session here! Ally is a creative, a thinker, and she brought an awesome idea to us for a just-for-fun session. We love ideas, we love taking pictures, and we love Ally. So naturally we immediately set a date and started planning!!

A giant thank you goes out to Ally for letting us splatter and drench her with paint. She was truly a human canvas for the day, and we shared so many laughs together! We cannot wait for even more time spent creating with this charismatic beauty this summer during her senior session. Until then, enjoy the results from this afternoon of playtime!

xoxo, Kelsy & Butch

**Can you believe Ally did her OWN hair & makeup?! She is such an artist! xo