Wausau Senior Sessions: Behind the Scenes

You'll likely have tons of questions and anticipation swirling before your Wausau senior session. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and we aim to make it a BLAST! We've been pulling back the curtain lately and giving everyone a look behind the scenes into every senior session that comes through our studio! We are currently booking fall & winter senior sessions - Say Hello to get your name on our calendar!

Brenna | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Brenna chose our Destination Senior Session and we met each other in Door County! Her session was filled with Beaches, cliffs, Butch's parents property, & the Egg Harbor Marina!

Maddie | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Maddie lives right next to the Eau Claire River in Weston and grew up playing there as a kid - it was the PERFECT place to hike around, get lost in the woods, and lay in the water :)

Noel | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Some people are good in front of the camera, and then some people are GOOD in front of the camera! Dramatic shots with her saxophone, and a walk around downtown Wausau!

Katie | DC Everest


We are of firm belief that a bright smile will take you anywhere in life :D Katie, the sky is the limit for you! We danced in the sun and got a little too close to some prickly blue spruces ;)

McKenna | DC Everest

Class of 2017

McKenna's relaxed and effortless style felt so easy in front of our cameras. Like we were photographing an editorial campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch! McKenna, our cameras love you!

Michael | Wausau East

Class of 2017

A handsome face + a love for basketball? We're excited! We knew heading into his session that Mikey loves basketball... because we're his neighbor and can hear him practice :)

Kaitlyn | DC Everest

Class of 2017

Style + fall colors + running through the leaves with her smile reaching all the way to her ears! Kaitlyn showed the two of US a great time during her senior portrait session!

Leah Levy

Portfolio Session

Leah just graduated from DC Everest High School with the Class of 2016 and has been hired by a modeling firm while she balances college at Madison. Loved her model portfolio session!

Maddy | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Maddy swims for her school, so bringing that element into her portraits was important to her. Intense swimming in the studio, and diving off the dock at her very own pond! Perfection!

Riley | Wausau East

Class of 2017

We started with Riley in our studio with beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) window lit portraits, and ventured outside with her dog, Akita, and sat in trees and hiked along rushing water rapids!

Auston | DC Everest

Class of 2017

Auston's session had a little something extra waiting for him just after we started shooting... his girlfriend, Leah, ran out from the back room to surprise him! Simply, a MUST see :)

Hannah | Newman

Class of 2017

The prettiest little thing walked into our studio... and then totally ROCKed out her senior portrait session! Fierce looks, volleyball, beautiful light, and even a cute little beagle named Tucker!

Jay | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Jay has been a rep for The McCartneys Photography for what seems like forever! He had a fall senior session and we hopped over to Helene's Orchard in Merrill! Jay brings the light :)

Kate | Wausau East

Class of 2017

When googling "laughter" we're pretty sure that a picture of Kate should be the very first result! We ventured to a beautiful property and swung on swings and swam in pretty blue water!

Ally | Wausau West

Class of 2017

This was session number 3 for Ally with us! The woman loves to create! The Dells of Eau Claire were calling for this shoot, along with a headpiece from Evolution in Design! LOVE!

Nick | Pacelli

Class of 2017

Nick serenaded us with his ukulele & guitar throughout his session! Even the music playing over this video is him! Nick's style was on full display in fields and water - ukulele in hand! So cool :) 

Leah Schield | Medford

Class of 2017

Laughter, dance moves, & jumping for joy! Leah came to our studio from Medford High School and to be honest we felt like we were photographing a professional model :) Thank you, Leah!

Lauren | Wausau East

Class of 2017

Lauren has this little smirk she gives when she's trying to hold in her laugh. It's adorable, and we loved capturing it in camera! Oh, and she also did some cartwheels for us :)

Mariah | Pacelli

Class of 2017

It's not often that we are treated to a performance when photographing a high school senior. But Mariah gave us a show on the stage of the Grand Theater in Wausau, and WOW!